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I am Shafiqul Kabir from Bangladesh, working as Software Quality Assurance Engineer for more than ten years. In these years I have learned a lot of thing and still learning new things each moment.

In these years I have worked in different domains – desktop, web and handheld device applications. Market Analysis and Pricing Application (including HR, commission and 7 other related modules for Sales related activities), RJ station, Music related application, etc are some of the desktop applications I worked with. As for web – MOM, fashion house portals, GPS tracking system, social networking, CRM, sports management system, VOIP, etc – are some of the applications I have worked with. Beside these I also worked with handheld devices with the following OS: Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone and Android. Among these exhibition tag reader, social networking, SDK are some of the applications I have worked.

When working with these applications in different domains I came to learn a lot of thing and still learning. I feel interesting and excited when working with some new domain. When got stuck with something my interest on that even grows more.

As a Software Quality Assurance Engineer it is expected to have knowledge on automation and scripting. I am happy and feels lucky to get the opportunity to work with and learn some automation tools. Automation tools include QTP, Selenium, WATiN, Test Studio and others. Beside I do Unit Testing with following technologies – C#, Android and Objective C. I have also developed some testing tools by myself in order to facilitate my test activities.

Here in my blog I want to share my learning and experiences with you all while I do my regular job – Quality Assurance. Hope my blog will help you in your career path.

Short Biography

Full Name: Shafiqul Kabir
Country: Bangladesh
Religion: Islam
Favorite Quote: “To be or not to be, that is the question”

Bangladesh National Flag
Bangladesh National Flag
Bangladesh Map
Bangladesh Map

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