{Windows 10} Remove Write Protected from USB Flash Drive

One fine day when I tried to empty my USB Flash Drive, then an error was showing that reads The drive is Write Protected. That’s weird as the flash drive do not have such physical switch. So it must be something to be deal with software. So I started some common practices, that is using some third party tools to resolve my problem. But those disappointed me.

So start start looking for a solution for my problem again ignoring any usage of third party tool, that is using help of Windows Command. After trying a lot of solutions, which also disappointed me, I finally got the one that solved my problem. I am stating the solution step by step below:

  • Open command prompt as ADMIN.


  • Type DISKPART and press .
  • Type LIST VOLUME and press .
  • Type SELECT VOLUME #, where # is the volume number (volume number appears in the list from above command) you want to remove the write protect from.
  • You will see a message that the write protect is removed.
  • Now type EXIT to exit from DISKPART.
  • Unplug the flash drive.
  • Re-plug the flash drive.

WALLA, You should be able to write on the disk now.

Please note, the above solution solved my problem, but it is not necessary that it also solves yours. At least you can give a try 🙂

Thank you


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