Setup Environment for PhpUnit, Docker with PhpStorm

To add your PhpUnit and Docker with PhpStorm please follow the steps: Add Docker to PhpStorm Open Preference > Build, Execution, Deployment > Docker Click [+] to add docker Leave default settings. Connection successful message will be shown. Add CLI Interpreter for PHP Open Preference > Languages & Frameworks > Php Select PHP language level... Continue Reading →


Use different configuration in SBT Project

Add different configuration file for test When writing unit test in sbt project it is very common to use a different configuration rather than the default one (application.conf) that resides in: src/main/resources/application.conf In order to avoid this and user a different configuration file for test we can add a test configuration in: src/test/resources/ and can... Continue Reading →

Run Scala test using SBT command

Run all tests in the project sbt test Run a specific test spec Open Terminal Goto project where the tests are in Run command sbt shell Now run command testOnly <Your Test Spec Name> Note: This steps are performed in Mac OSX.  

Designing an Test Automation Project

Test Automation is a continuous project, so when we start writing the code for the project we should keep this in mind. You can have a look at Steps to consider before you start writing test automation to have a view how you can start your project. I will discuss how we can design automation project... Continue Reading →

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